Biometric Sensors & Controller for Motorsport

The customer in the Motosport racing industry wanted the fast delivery of a multi-sensors biometric controller. There were various requirements:


  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) chest measurement with HRV (Heart Rate variability)
  • High Impact shock detection
  • Real-time updates with long-range Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Encryption of biometric data
  • Data transfer to car CANBus
  • Data storage in internal memory
  • Low-Power consumption using LiPo Battery
  • Over-The-Air Firmware upgrade
  • Small Footprint

    Kelsec successfully designed the electronic, the PCB and the embedded firmware with the following techniques and technologies:

    • To speed up development and obtain long-range Bluetooth wireless, Cypress Cyble 224116 was selected. Module with ARM microcontroller and PA/LNA (Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier).
    • Heart rate monitoring (ECG) was accomplished using the Maxim 30003 chipset. The Maxim 30003 provides clinical-grade ECG AFE, and the SPI interface handled the communication with the ARM microcontroller.
    • CANBus communication implemented using Texas Instruments MCP2515 chipset. Real-time data transfer to the vehicle Canbus for further analysis.
    • High impact detection handled by STMicroelectronics H3LIS331DL High-g triaxial accelerometer

    All firmware in C :

    • Data gathering (Ear Temp, Shock detection, ECG, movement,SpO2)
    • OTA Firmware upgrade
    • Configuration using BLE characteristic
    • Data transmission using CANBUS and BLE
    • Data Encryption
    • Data recording in FRAM Memory