iOS Pulse Oxymetry App & Hardware

The customer required a fast proof of concept solution for a pulse oxymetry (SpO2) application.

  • Bluetooth based hardware for capturing and transmitting SpO2 data
  • iOS application for display and recording SpO2 & Heart Rate
  • Battery-powered, rechargeable
  • Updates to Firebase


Kelsec designed the solution using the BL600 from Laird. The module contains the Nordic nRF51822 chipset and is certified for FCC, CE, SIG.

  • Pulse Oxymetry was designed quickly using a Nonin module.
  • Kelsec created an iOS application for BLE communication with the board. The iOS application was written in Swift. The whole solution was ready in a matter of weeks.


  • Oxygen Level (SpO2) and Heart rate using finger pulse oxymetry
  • Battery-powered, recharging using a micro USB connector
  • Led for status
  • iOS App running on iPhone, iPad. Display SpO2 level, Heart rate, and condition of the board.