Smart Gloves for Motorsport Racing

Kelsec had the mandate to create the electronic hardware and firmware for smart gloves to be used in motorsport racing. The objective was to monitor the driver’s heart rate and oxygen level (Sp02) in real-time with minimal intrusion. The customer wanted the gloves to have the following features:

  • Wireless transmission of critical biometric information using an encryption scheme
  • Battery-powered, low power consumption. Battery rechargeable using a wireless charger.
  • Motion sensor for detection of movement or activities
  • Small form factor
  • Over the Air (OTA) Firmware upgrade
  • Data recording for further analysis
  • Quick delivery

Kelsec successfully designed the PCB, the electronic, and the firmware with the following techniques and technologies:


  • Since rapid execution was a key aspect, Cypress module Cyble-224116 selected for Long-range (400m) Bluetooth communication and processing (onboard ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller).
  • Analog ADXL345 triaxial accelerometer for monitoring movement. The accelerometer was communicating with the ARM CPU using the SPI bus. It was also used for detecting inactivity and put the whole board in sleep mode for minimizing power consumption.
  • FRAM memory for storage of data recorded during activities. Recovery of data using Bluetooth communication.
  • Power management and recharging for the LiPo battery accomplished using the TI BQ51050 Qi Compliant wireless power receiver and battery charger.
  • SpO2 level and Heart Rate monitored using Nonin 8000J pulse oximetry sensors.
  • Sensor operation fully configurable using BLE characteristics
  • Embedded C firmware, upgradable over the air (OTA)