Engineering services

Firmware & Software Engineering

Well versed in a variety of languages and operating-systems and have first-hand experience with embedded firmware development. 

  • ARM Cortex-M microcontroller firmware development
    • Cypress PSoC
    • STM32
    • Nordic nRF 
  • C, C++, Python, Java, Swift
  • Linux, MacOS, iOS
  • Sensor interfacing (i2C, SPI)
  • App development (iOS, Swift, objective C)
  • Simulation with MatLab

Electronics Engineering

Kelsec engineers have the skills and experience to handle difficult design cycles. 

  • Low power design for battery-operated devices
  • Wireless design
  • Miniature electronic using tiny parts
  • Multilayers PCBs.
  • Always design with certification (FCC,IC, CE) objective
  • Automotive CANBus projects
  • Multiple sensors project

Prototyping & pre-production

  • Quick turn around for delivery of prototype
  • Relationship with suppliers in Asia for production run (small & regular)
  • Bring customer product to market faster